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The UK banking system has a long history of financial probity, ever since 1694 when the Bank of England was founded. The UK is trusted widely for transactions of all sorts and is recognized as a place where things are as they appear to be. In the UK there is no need for extra payments and costs to make sure things get done. The system is efficient, honest and works by a well-understood set of rules which are the same for all participants. UK banks are currently in a strong position, and during the 2008 financial crisis, the government stepped in decisively to ensure the continued smooth running of the entire financial system.

The UK has its own currency, so it cannot have problems of the type which hit some smaller Eurozone countries like Greece or Cyprus. The larger Eurozone countries like Germany and France have no direct influence on the UK financial system, and cannot dictate government economic policy, directly or indirectly.

For those not wishing to store their wealth in cash in a bank, the UK offers a very wide array of investment possibilities.

It is widely known that money laundering regulations have tightened up during the last few years, which inevitably led to complications with transfers of finances – more and more identity checks and restrictions were introduced as well as a wide array of fraud prevention measures.

As the world has now become a very small place and many countries  (including off-shore tax heavens) share information on their investors, including taxation agreements, there are fewer possibilities to minimise tax and protect wealth.

United Kingdom being a very attractive playground for investments and business activity thanks to its transparency and simplicity of operations, had to introduce strict measures to protect its financial stability. Hence it is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for foreigners, to financially establish themselves in this country.

Investing in UK

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