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United Kingdom is well known for its positive economic environment, making running a business a very straight forward activity. All information is easily obtainable and taxation is very simple. Currently, corporation tax in the UK is 20%.

We can offer the following services:

-        incorporating a company or partnership

-        providing a nominee director

-        accountancy services

-        VAT registration

-        submitting annual returns

-        website creation and marketing

-        marketing consultancy services and research

-        and many more

For those, who would like to run a UK registered company and yet minimise its tax payments, we can offer to link your UK company to a company in Hong Kong. This way the tax can be significantly reduced.

In Hong Kong, if the profits of the company are achieved outside the country – the goods and services are being bought and sold abroad – there is 0% tax on profits.

Should you need more help and advice on running a company, our professional qualified consultants will help you to run and develop your business.

Please, contact us for more detailed information.