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Are you owed money and do not know how to proceed? Considering litigation – but not sure if your debtor is still operating or have the means to pay? Because if they don’t, even if yo9u win your case, you still will not get paid.

Please call us and we will help!

We offer the following services:

Debt Recovery

Fast recovery of overdue accounts - average 75% success rate.

Even old debts can be recovered.

It is very simple to use our system – after you informed us about the amount owing and details of the debtor, we will contact them on your behalf pressing for payment.

Status Reports

 We can supply you with quality business status reports and directors' information.

This information can be used for making important financial decisions. Why extend credit without knowing the financial strength of your customer?

We will provide you with the links to databases of British and Irish registered companies, non-incorporated businesses and partnerships.

The information is constantly updated as annual accounts are filed with HMRC.

Legal Advice

 Our subscription includes complimentary legal advice on any commercial issue.

Usually it can be quite expensive to employ a solicitor, who normally charges by the hour – our subscription provides you with an affordable access to a qualified lawyer at your convenience without hefty fees.

Company Defaulters

We provide you with a list of Companies who have not paid their debts or resolved the issues when requested by us.

This information will help you to make your decisions about doing business with those companies.

Please call us and start recovering your debts at once!